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Cleaning Services

We clean it all!  This includes private home cleaning, bond and vacate cleans, corporate staff accommodation, office cleaning, commercial sites, exterior and pressure cleaning, sparkle cleans, holiday lets and Air BB, spring cleans, de-clutter and packing services. We also do bond clean packages with great value carpet and pest control add-ons. Check out our specials page for this months hot deal!

Pest Control

We offer a full Pest Management Service and can combat any problems you may face with Cockroaches, Fleas, Bees & Wasps, Ants, Silverfish, Bedbugs, Spiders, Mice and Rats or your required Flea & Tick treatment when moving out.


If you book your bond clean, steam cleaning of carpets and pest control together get 25% off the listed price.  This offer ends JUNE 2019.

Steam Cleaning

We offer exceptional hot water extraction cleaning for your carpets, mattress sanitizing, lounge suites and dining chairs. Strand analysis is completed prior to any chemical touching your carpet so the system is totally safe. We extract and acid rinse every time and leave a beautiful squeaky clean fibre behind. We offer encapsulation carpet cleaning, advanced stain removal technologies and only use the industry premier BridgePoint chemicals from the US.


If only booking two services a 15% Discount will apply


More About Our BIG 25 Super Hot Deal


  1. Book any bond clean plus carpet steam clean AND Pest control service to get a whopping 25% off your end price.
  2. This correlates to getting your pest control service and steam cleaning almost FREE.
  3. Fill out a instant quote  on the bond clean page and the discounts will be applied automatically.
  4. We also offer a 15% Discount if you book any two services for same day delivery.
  5. Offer ends JULY 2019

Terms and Conditions Apply


Why Choose Citrus Clean Steam Pest for your Cleaning Needs?

Warranty & Reliability

All work is fully guaranteed with a 7 Day warranty. No fuss, no stress.  We always turn up, no joke intended here.  We get calls every day from frustrated people about to move house and left with a no show cleaner.


Vetted & Insured

All staff are police checked, vetted, uniformed and insured with Allianz & Workcover.  We are insured to enter your premises against damage we may cause or injury to you or staff.  A lot can go wrong in cleaning; breakages, shower heads, bulbs, oyster lights, bleach on the carpet.  Although we are very gentle and respectful of your property accidents do happen and we are covered.  However, We take no responsibility for aged items thats are excessively fragile due to age.


Low Impact Footprint

As our name denotes, we carry a full kit of Citrus based chemicals for low impact but highly efficient cleaning.  We wash our rags weekly, dispose of very little, recycle our containers and use Zero chemicals and Magic eraser where possible.  We are committed to reducing our Global Footprint.  Are You?


Community Minded

We  support local community organizations through our Booking for Benefits scheme.  For each $1000 in paid work orders we will send $50 to the charity of your choice (This is a Real Estate Initiative Only)


Realistic Ethical Pricing

Bond cleans take from 6 hours (rarely) to 40 hours and the award for casuals is around the $25-26 range.  Add Qleave and Super, Kilometers and travel time and the base rate is closer to $30 per hour.  We then have to factor in vehicles and product/equipment costs, and of course GST and management wages.  Bond cleans at $25 an hour are not insured, or they are not an ethical employer and ripping off staff.  Avoid clickbait, thats all it is!


Our Mission

Cleaning is labour intensive and Yes, it can work out expensive if a lot needs to be done. However, We do not force staff to use an ABN or work on piece work/hotel unit terms.  We employ from diverse backgrounds and skill sets.  We have working relationships with Coact, Community Solutions, APM and Your Employment Solutions (Sippy Downs).  We offer equal opportunity for disabled staff.

Our Mission is to clean up the Cleaning Industry one job and one client at a  time.  If you see an advert for a Bond Clean for $200. Think About it.  You are buying into a false scenario.  To deliver quality services with staff protected by the Award means an end cost in the $40-$60 per hour price range, thats a Fact. Bond Cleans take 8-40 hours to complete. That's also a fact. Staff are trained and often qualified just like any other Trade. We offer our staff payment protection, Super for their future and Qleave.  Say NO to unethical employment
Ask the Question of any cleaning company you contract. Do you pay your staff by the hour? Do you pay them Km’s and travel time between sites? Do you pay them Super and QLeave as required by Law? Are they $20Million insured? Do you pay staff the Award Wage which is currently $25.26 Per Hour for Casuals? If not you may be buying into Illegal work practices which need to be eradicated in Queensland. Change is coming.  CAF certification is a new national scheme rolling out to catch up with the "cowboys".


National scheme for ethical cleaning launches

Read more

We are the Expert Professionals in Bond Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast

What to Expect

We provide high quality, reliable, punctual and efficient bond, exit, end of lease cleaning both to tenants and to Real Estate Agents.

Our Sunshine Coast bond cleaners will exceed your expectations. We clean everything and leave nothing out, ever. A full 7 Day warranty applies to all work.


Current rates

  • South Sunshine Coast.     
  • $40 per hour plus GST.
  • North of Maroochydore is $45 ph plus GST

Our Gift to You!

Book your bond clean, pest control and carpets together and get a whopping 25%  off the total price.

That could be around $300 off your end price!  Please quote BIG25.

We also offer 5-15% off if booking one or two services together.

What's In a Bond Clean?

What's Included In Your Bond Clean?

We get asked, “So what’s involved in a bond clean?” Why so many hours? Estate agents in the Sunshine Coast are very particular and the standard required to fully “bond clean” involves cleaning the entire interior shell of the property and external windows and liveable areas. Our bond cleaning service  in the Sunshine Coast is not a quick wipe over, it involves thorough scrubbing to remove every particle of dirt, hair, dust, grease, scale etc. from everything that’s there.



  • All marks on ceilings
  • Light fixtures inside and out
  • Power-points/switches
  • All walls where dirty
  • All scuff marks where removable ( we use magic eraser)
  • All fans
  • Air-conditioners - Inside, outside and the filter
  • All cornices cobwebbed
  • Skirting boards cleaned - not just dusted.
  • All interior and exterior doors and door frames
  • All screens and screen doors ( we hose them first)
  • Window frames, windows, glass (both inside and out) and all tracks.  We pop all windows.
  • All blinds if timber, metal or plastic (except fabric)
  • Inside and out of all cabinets, under the drawers, robes and walk in robes.
  • Full dismantle of oven to remove residue (including roof) clean range-hood and filters) and stove tops
  • 3 Part systemic scale removal in showers, fixtures, bathrooms and toilets (we take off the seat)
  • Exterior eaves (in), porches, verandahs, Patios ceiling/walls, fans and doors
  • Internal garages walls and floors cleaned to the same high standard (not just a sweep)
  • Council Bins if applicable
  • All furniture, appliances cleaned in self-contained premises (excludes crockery & cutlery)
  • Does your cleaning company do all this? If not you may be called back to clean yourself!  Watch Out for Exclusions.

Our Promise to You

Cast Iron Warranty

All work has a bond return guarantee.  If your Real Estate Agent is not happy, we simply go back to fix it!

Simple as that. We offer peace of mind during what can be a stressful time

However, please ensure if you complete an Instant Quote you disclose all areas and soil levels correctly as this will be checked by Senior Staff on Cleaning Day. We reserve the right to NOT CLEAN any areas not disclosed correctly by soil level or size in the state given to us.

We always take your call and are always happy to return free of charge.


These prices do not include laundering of drapes, any exterior wall cleaning, gardening or rubbish removal.

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