Citrus Based Products & Chemicals

Chemicals We Use and Why

We understand and agree that the products, equipment and chemicals we use in your home or office should be as low impact as possible.  For you, your children and pets,  our staff, and the environment. 

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We wash our microfibre cloths and use minimal paper towel.  All waste bottles are recycled.

We use a comprehensive citrus based set of green chemicals when home and office cleaning.  Some are sourced from Citrus Resources.  All of them leave behind a clean lime, orange or lemon scent.

Due to the nature of Bond cleaning we are sometimes forced to use Bleach, Caustic Soda based oven cleaners, and phosphoric acid based descale products.  However, we minimise the use of these and try to use hot soapy water where possible.  In bond/vacate or commercial situations we make use of the Full PPE required for each task and try to clean 50% with zero chem magic erasers alone.

Our carpet and upholstery section uses only the State of the Art Bridgepoint USA chemicals.  Carpet cleaning does use some heavy duty chemicals but our final Acid rinse ensures nothing is ever left in the fibres.

Low Impact Chemicals

As our name denotes, we carry a full kit of Citrus based chemicals for low impact but highly efficient cleaning.  We wash our rags weekly, dispose of very little, recycle our containers and use Zero chemicals and Magic eraser where possible.  We are committed to reducing our Global Footprint.  Are You?