Exceptional Bond Cleaning

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Affordable Bond Cleaning Services on the Sunshine Coast

We offer full bond and vacate lease cleaning services as far south as Pelican Waters and as far north as Perigian Beach.

Bond cleans are not cheap. We are ethical employers paying staff full award wages, plus super and Qleave. Our basic cost rate is around $35 per hour with chemicals, kits and uniforms factored in. We also have to pay GST.

Our quote form is based on our current rate of $45 per hour per person.

What's Involved in a Bond Clean?

A bond clean is a deep clean of every vertical and horizontal surface inside the home. Further, the external living areas, patios, porches, verandahs and balconies all need cleaning tho the same standard, roof walls, floors and all.

All windows are removed where accesible for cleaning ( ground floor) and second storey internal and external winowds if we can get to them safely.

We do not wash the whole wall, we spot clean all marks, dirt dust and cobwebs of each room along with the skirting and architraves.

Kitchens are cleaned to the same standard, ovens, range hoods and dishwashers are dismantled for full interior cleaning of parts, racks, trays and filters. Cabinets and kick-boards will be thoroughly scrubbed to remove dirt, rust, marks, stains from the bottom, sides and even the inside top of each cabinet if required. Sinks, benches and tap-ware will be deep cleaned and buffed to a high shine.

Garages are cleaned to the same level as the rest of the property.

All hard and carpeted floors including balconies will be fully vacuumed and mopped. Our quoting does not allow for any grout cleaning procedures so if your floor tile grout is in a poor state please contact us to arrange a separate quote for steam cleaning.

What do I do next?

The process from here on is simple. Complete your bond quote form. If you are happy with the price and want to go ahead please give us a call or text.

We will then be in touch to block out your date, raise your invoice and discuss access arrangements.

Unfortunately we cannot offer credit, mostly due to unscrupulous previous clients.

Your warranty once activated will cover a return visit for any minor cleaning issues, this is normal these days as Agents are fairly pedantic.

We staff each clean based on your correct answers on the form.

Warranty - 7 Days

After the clean You do not need to stay in town while waiting for your exit report as all cleaning is covered under a 7- day warranty – activated by full payment.

If you do receive a “further cleaning” list from your agent that’s fine. They all seem to enjoy sending them. Just email it through and we will arrange a cleaner to return within 24hrs as per your rights as a tenant.

Please ensure your Agent completes their exit report in a timely manner. We will not accept exit reports over 7-10 days from the clean date.

Walk away and rest easy that your property is in safe hands.

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