Covid 19 Cleaning Services

We can help you keep your home and business Covid-19 Free on the Sunshine Coast

Covid 19 Removal

  • We wear full PPE
  • 3M 9.5 Masks,
  • Eye protection,
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Shoe Covers and
  • BIO Hazard Jumpsuits
  • We use a product called ACTIV RIPOFF for the first stage in the 2 part process to clean all contaminants from every surface
    Second stage is coating every surface with MEDIC hospital grade detergent and for small fiddly surfaces such as keyboards ISYPROPOL ALCOHOL 62% minimum alcohol) as these the only effective way to remove the virus
  • All refuse is clearly bagged up and taken off premises
  • We can also complete full spring cleaning services at the same time
  • Virus Cleaning does not have to be expensive.  Most visits are around 20 mins for a small house or office.
  • Rate is charged per minute $1.50 inc GST


How to Contact Us?

Call 0432 018558 or