Floor Tile Clean & Restore

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Floor Tile Cleaning & Restoration

Do you hate your kitchen floor?  Have ugly stained grout in your kitchen, bathrooms or all over your beautiful tile?  Pool tiles looking mouldy? Regular cleaning won’t remove stains in your grout but using our two part system we can get those tiles back to the day the were laid.

The Process of Tile Restoration

We don’t just steam clean your tile! First we apply a tile restore chemical to your floors and allow it to permeate.  Second we and then use a rotary scrubber with a medium brush head to agitate and disperse the heavy grease and soiling on the tile and the grout lines.  We then steam extract the slurry using  a 1000psi steam cleaner with a special tile cleaning head.  All water is removed in a no-leak suction process and there is no damage to your skirting boards.  Your tiles are left squeeky clean and residue free.  See the table below for pricing.

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