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Affordable Home Cleaning Services on the Sunshine Coast

We can clean your private home, weekly, fortnightly or monthly and service the mid region of the Sunshine Coast. See the Zone Map to find out your Zone.

We clean between 6am and 2pm Monday to Friday. All staff carry a full kit of equipment and chemicals and are police checked, trained and uniformed. Many staff also have a white card for construction and Blue card for Children.

Rate is $60 per hour – Nambour Radius 15kms

Outside this radius Rate is $65 per hour

Cash Is Not King

Did you know the Government is cracking down on the “Black Economy”?  if you currently pay a home cleaner in cash you may be breaking the law.  You are also not insured if that person causes damages in your home, or to anyone else and may be liable to backpay Superannuation if caught.  Is it worth it?

About Our Home Cleaning Service

All our staff carry a full kit of equipment and chemicals and are police checked to offer commercial and private house cleaning on Sunshine Coast. We have a crew of fully trained, uniformed; police checked staff and roster on a weekly basis for home cleaning services on Sunshine Coast. We roster each Sunday for the following week and clean a wide array of private homes, offices, buildings and other regular cleans. Some of our clients have been with us since 2010. Some of our staff even longer!.


We ask that you provide us with a permanent key or leave a key in a hidden location. We can also text you the night before to remind you we are coming.
Should we arrive and be unable to enter the premises we do have to charge a small fee to cover the staff costs/travel. The Non-access fee is $20 for Zone 1 and $35 for Zone 2.

Equipment and Chemicals

We provide all our own chemicals and equipment unless there is something of yours you would specifically like us to use. Please note that steam mops do take twice as long to clean tile and vinyl floors. We have several clients who must only use natural cleaners such as vinegar and bicarb-soda and our staff are trained in this regime. We are also trialling the use of SAO ( Stabilised Aqueous Ozone) as a chemical-free alternative and will have results of our trials soon.

Check back here for more information about Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) cleaning once we have completed our trials. SAO or magic water as its being branded is the biggest new development in the cleaning industry of the decade.

Arrival Times

We can guarantee a day but cannot guarantee a time of arrival. This is because the staff rosters change from week to week due to the fortnightly, 3 weekly and monthly cleans. Generally, all cleaning is finished by 4 pm. We also cannot guarantee the same staff member due to revolving rosters, time off and sickness.

Payment Terms

We accept STRIPE credit card payment, cheque or bank deposit.  We also have a direct debit system with Go Cardless. Your first clean must be paid in advance or your credit card number pre-authorised. We can also give a 7-day account and ask that invoices are paid promptly on receipt by bank deposit. Late fees do apply for slow payers.
If you wish to cancel any clean we ask that you give at least 24hrs notice so that the staff can be offered other work and not lose out on hours.

Warranty Terms

If you have any issues with the cleaning please call me to discuss it, this is unusual but sometimes there is a discrepancy between the expectations and delivery of good cleaning and how long it should take. We have really well-trained staff who work to a high standard, they do not do the “quick flick”, the move and clean under and behind things. All staff are trained, or re-trained to our way of cleaning. All work is covered by our 7-day warranty, so anything you are not happy with we will return and rectify.

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