Mould Removal and Treament

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Pre-Clean Mould Removal

Before treatment all mould must be thoroughly removed.  We use a mild Chlorine/Dettol mix for the cleaning leave for 30 minutes to completely dry.

We are also very excited to be trialling a new chemical free clean-up sytem called Stabilised Aqueous Ozone which we will implement into the ‘clean-up” stage to remove all harmful contaminants from the process.  Watch this space!


Spraybac 20

Spraybac 20 is a concentrated bioflavonoid based sanitizer, used for bulk sanitizing operations.

During the Emerald floods in January 2008, a dragline was submerged when the Comet River burst its banks, flooding the Ensham Mine.

Pre-and Post clean, the dragline was sanitized from top to bottom, to ensure the safety of maintenance staff.

Following this event, widespread flooding occurred in Mackay, where hundreds of homes were inundated and sewage entered the floodwaters.

Spraybac 20 was used through a micro fogger to sanitize the homes, and remove mould spores. There has not been one recurrence of mould since treatment.

Spraybac 20 can be successfully employed for any bulk sanitation task particularly where safety and non-corrosiveness are vital.

Spraybac is a bioflavonoid sanitiser and mould treatment, used in the treatment of flooded homes.

The system was developed in 2008, as a result of the Mackay Floods, and has been used extensively following the Brisbane floods in 2010. Literally, thousands of homes have been treated using this method.   Courtesy Genesis Industrial


Is it Gone for Good?

Once the treatment has occurred the house should be fully left to dry.  The product is a bioflavinoid so is not harmful to the environment or people.  Spraybac 20 has been used widely in Queensland with great results.  However, the product can only work to its saturation point.  If the treated area is suceptible to re-infestation due to poor ventilation or lack of sunlight the product will markedly reduce the frequency of visits required to clean and treat.  In some situations the mould may return if the environment is condusive but should take a much longer time to re-infiltrate.  Try to keep treated areas ventilated and with as much sun exposure as possible.